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If a contest has been finished with the required number of balls bowled (as defined in the format), the result will be declared irrespective of whether the match is abandoned.
Each umpire must respond to any topic that falls within his jurisdiction when an appeal is filed. If a request is lodged in line with the three above after a batsman has been ruled not out, either umpire may respond if the appeal is on a different topic and is within his jurisdiction.
Yes, a bowler may bowl both quickly and spin in cricket. No rule prohibits a bowler from doing so. Changing the bowling hand or side requires the bowler to inform the umpire.
Any pitching ball that goes over the shoulder line in a normal position is a no-ball. No bouncers are allowed. One bouncer is a warning, 2 bouncers mean the bowler is out for the rest of the inning. If not, it's a no-ball.
Registration for a contest ends 1 hour before the game. Your dream players perform like real players. You get points precisely like a genuine player.
Sign-up may be challenging for various reasons. You provided the wrong mobile phone number/email address or did not get an OTP. We will send you an OTP to validate your mobile number/email ID if you have forgotten your password.
Multi-accounting is against the terms & conditions of Maro100 and is prohibited by the Fair Play regulations. If we discover any fraudulent activity by users, Maro100 reserves the right to ban them from using the app and/or any of its services.
Leg before wicket (lbw) is one of the ways a batsman can be removed. The umpire can declare a batter out if any part of the batter's body intercepts a ball that would have reached the wicket. It was introduced in the laws of cricket as batsmen started using pads to prevent balls from striking the wicket.
To begin with, if rain interrupts the game, play will be delayed, and the pitch will be covered entirely with covers. Nonetheless, humidity can harm the pitch and cause it to get damp. Because moist soil catches the ball, a wet surface is more favourable for spinners than a bowling attack.
If, for any reason, a chosen User doesn’t play then he will get “0” points for the match. Maro100 gives you the playing 11 from both sides once the team is declared. We suggest you keep an eye on the toss and edit your playing 11 accordingly.

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